PREracing becomes an EcuTek Master Tuner!

PREracing has been selected by EcuTek to become an EcuTek Master Tuner! Becoming a Master Tuner allows us to sell and custom tune ProECU tuning kits. We can now also remotely tune vehicles anywhere in the world.

There are lots of useful and advantageous features to the EcuTek products. It features flex fuel support for most vehicles, the custom maps feature allows you to setup nearly any engine safety function. This includes but isn’t limited to; oil pressure protection, oil temperature protection, coolant temp protection, air / fuel ratio protection… you get the idea. The custom maps feature can also be used to program traction control and closed loop boost control. The uses are vast.

EcuTek allows map switching without a handheld device (usually done through the cruise control switch). This switch can also be programmed for on-the-fly boost control, cam control, launch rpm, or anything else you may want.

EcuTek is fast and easy to use. An ECU can be read and modified in as little as 30 seconds! Lets face it. Dyno time is expensive! The faster the process takes the less you have to pay on the dyno.

  • License: $350
  • Cable: $400 (Not required. Can be purchased for at home tuning and data logging.)
  • Tune: $400-$600 (Vehicle dependent)

Being EcuTek master tuner not only allows for remote tuning and calibrations, but it opens us to a wide number of new vehicles we can tune.

What vehicles do ProECU Tuining Suites Support?
Subaru Tuning Suites - Supporting over 850 vehicles *****This includes almost all Naturally Aspirated models after 2000*****
Mitsubishi Tuning Tools - Supporting over 390 vehicles
Mazda Tuning Tools - Supporting over 280 vehicles

Nissan Tuning Tools - Supporting over 380 vehicles

To reprogram the ECU, the EcuTek programming interface is simply plugged into the diagnostic socket of the car. Some of the supported vehicles can then be reprogrammed in under 25 seconds!

Unlike other ‘chipping’ solutions, ProECU Tools require no soldering and no physical access to the ECU - an altogether quicker, cleaner and more reliable method of tuning. Rather than spending time soldering and desoldering hair thin chip legs, the tuner’s time can now be spent more productively, with less time spent wiring things up and more time actually improving the mapping of your vehicles car.

Established in 1998, PREracing specializes in forced induction systems and operates with the goal to provide extreme performance at a reasonable price. PREracing features a service shop, showroom, AWD dyno with full tuning capabilities, and a warehouse packed with inventory.


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