2017 Shift S3ctor Coalinga Recap!

WE ARE HOME! What an awesome weekend at the Shift-S3ctor Coalinga Airstrip Attack!

We left with a goal of 190mph, and are very happy to have exceeded that goal with a run of 197.46mph! We had to work for every mph this weekend, we had a misfire, aero malfuctions, and nitrous tuning to accomplish to get this one clean perfect pass. Our team did an awesome job keeping the car in tip top shape, which included working on the car on the side of the street Saturday night to be ready to rock early Sunday morning.We will finally be pulling this engine after 13 months and 70ish passes to see what finally went wrong inside. We suspect we may have lost an oil pump gear from the extended high rpm use this engine has seen.

We can't thank everyone involved in this project enough! Our new Radium Engineering fuel components helped feed our 58lbs of boost with e98, the drivetrain components from IAG Performance, KAPS Transmissions, and OS Giken got us all the way up to 6th gear and 8600rpm at the traps.

The car looks as good as it goes thanks to Advanced Precision Anodizing, and the glue that held this thing together for all those passes was our COBB Tuning v3 Accessport! This is still running a T3 v-band Killer B Motorsport header, Forced Performance Turbochargers super 99 on full kill, Which layed down 905whp at 48.5psi!

Enjoy some pics of the event, expect a short video in the coming days! Back to work!

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