Tax Time Stage 2 Packages

Attention Subaru Owners!


Turbo models only. 2002-2016.

Until 4/18, all quoted “Stage 2” setups at PREracing are 10% OFF. This includes, parts, installation, and a custom tune!

To be eligible for this 10% discount you must have the following quoted:

  • Intake
  • Downpipe
  • Headers and / or Upipe
  • Cat-Back Exhaust
  • EcuTek or COBB Accessport
  • Custom Tune
  • Install Labor


  • Q: What if I already have one of these parts already installed in my car?
  • A: No problem, we’ll finish the rest of your stage 2 build at the same discounted rate.
  • Q: What if I have something other than a Subaru?
  • A: Subaru Special only! We can still help you out though, give us a call!
  • Q: What if I have a swap?
  • A: So long as you have the 2002-2016 powertrain and ECU, we’ll do it!
  • Q: Can I install the parts myself and come back for a tune?
  • A: Pre-Pay for your dyno tune and pickup your parts at PREracing and you sure can!
  • Q: Can I do an open source tune instead of EcuTek or COBB?
  • A: No, an EcuTek license only costs $350.
See more info on EcuTek here.


Call and ask for a quote on this exclusive deal!

Established in 1998, PREracing specializes in forced induction systems and operates with the goal to provide extreme performance at a reasonable price. PREracing features a service shop, showroom, AWD dyno with full tuning capabilities, and a warehouse packed with inventory.


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