Tomioka Racing Subaru Turbo Sale! ENDS 11/30/2015

Extra, Extra! We’re INSTALLING and TUNING Tomioka Racing turbos (excluding twin scroll) on all supporting Subaru’s for as low as $1050! That’s about the equivalent of a $200 install & tune with the purchase of a turbo! This promotion does not include the install or purchase of any additional aftermarket parts such as uppipes, downpipes, injectors, etc, that may be required to properly run your desired setup. It is solely the Turbocharger, gaskets, and any hardware used in the BOLT ON installation of the Tomioka turbocharger.

Now that’s scary. Interested? Call 503-619-0055 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Below is a list of Tomioka Turbos that apply to this promotion!

TD05-16G: $1050.00
TD05-18G: $1150.00
TD05-20G: $1300.00
TD06-20G: $1600.00
TD05-GT28 Billet: 2095.00
Hybrid VF54: $1950.00
Hybrid GT28 Billet: $2095.00
Hybrid GT30 Billet: $2495.00
TD05-16G Billet: $1150.00
TD05-18G Billet: $1250.00
TD05-20G Billet: $1450.00

Each Tomioka Turbocharger comes packaged the componets below and will be installed

  • Turbocharger
  • Actuator
  • Oil Pipe
  • Water Pipe
  • Gaskets
  • Hardware Kits



  1. If I need supporting parts, will the install costs be covered by the promotion?
    • No. Any extra parts needed (e.g. Downpipes, upipes, injectors) will be installed at an additional cost.
  2. If my car currently does not pass pre-dyno inspections, what will happen?
    • Before your car can be tuned, you first must pass a pre-dyno inspection. If you car does not pass, additional work outside of the conditions of the promotion will need to be done.
  3. If I already have a Tomioka Turbo, can I get the free tune/install?
    • No, the promotion is WITH the promotion of a Tomioka Turbo in the list above, you will receive free installation of the turbocharger and a tune for it.
  4. Is the tune custome or an OTS map?
    • Custom. Each vehicle gets the same dyno love as everyone else regardless of the setup.
  5. Does the turbo promotion include all hot/cold piping, waste gate,bov, fmic,misc parts?
    • No, This amazing package includes the Turbo Billet internal adjustable actuator, install, gaskets and tune via Open Source or Cobb Access Port for a Subaru. Fuel upgrades, Intercooler, exhaust or other modification parts are sold separate.
About Tomioka

Using experiences learned on the track and feedback from other tuners, the Tomioka Racing development team has extensive knowledge in turbo technology. Which has allowed them to provide turbo kit solutions for users who require smooth power delivery for the street and enjoyable sport driving. These turbo kits have been designed to offer a boost in power without sacrificing the response found in stock turbos and provide extra performance and without additional cost.

Established in 1998, PREracing specializes in forced induction systems and operates with the goal to provide extreme performance at a reasonable price. PREracing features a service shop, showroom, AWD dyno with full tuning capabilities, and a warehouse packed with inventory.


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