Copy of Engine Building for the last 25 years 2.0

Welcome to the world of precision and power at PRE Racing, where the art of performance engine building is taken to extraordinary heights. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence, PRE Racing stands as a true pioneer in crafting engines that redefine performance standards.

At the helm of this cutting-edge enterprise is Steve, a seasoned engine maestro with two decades of hands-on experience under his belt. With an innate passion for the symphony of mechanics and a keen eye for detail, Steve has honed his craft to perfection, making him an additional force behind PRE Racing's remarkable journey.

Central to PRE Racing's legacy is its expertise in developing pro drag motors for the iconic Subaru EJ257 engine platform. With an unrelenting pursuit of power, these engines have been meticulously fine-tuned to generate an astounding 325 horsepower per cylinder. This feat not only showcases PRE Racing's technical prowess but also underscores their dedication to reimagining the limits of performance.

Beyond the realm of drag racing, PRE Racing boasts an exclusive portfolio of time attack engine builds. With an acute understanding of the delicate balance between speed and precision, these bespoke creations are designed to dominate the time attack circuits. Each engine is a masterpiece in itself, a result of intensive research, innovative engineering, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the ultimate edge on the track.

But the prowess of PRE Racing doesn't stop at the track. Their expertise extends to crafting street monsters, turning everyday vehicles into roaring beasts that command attention both on and off the asphalt. These street builds harmoniously blend raw power with drivability, offering a thrilling driving experience that is as exhilarating as it is accessible.

In the pages that follow, you'll delve into the heart of PRE Racing's world. From the meticulous engine blueprints to the painstaking assembly processes, every step is a testament to their dedication to excellence. Join us as we explore the symphony of precision, power, and passion that defines PRE Racing's artistry in performance engine building.