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Clutch Masters

Clutch Masters - Subaru 04-15 STI / 07-09 LGT/OXT - FX400 Pull Type Clutch Kit

Clutch Masters - Subaru 04-15 STI / 07-09 LGT/OXT - FX400 Pull Type Clutch Kit


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FX400 Clutch Kit Push Type Clutch.

The FX400 ceramic paddle design creates a quick and rapid engagement as well as clutch chatter that may not be ideal for street-driven vehicles. Ceramic-based clutch discs are not intended to increase the life expectancy of a clutch rather increase the holding capacity and improve the durability of the clutch. Using a ceramic-based material for easy street driving may reduce the life of the clutch kit due to harsh engagement and a higher tendency to slip the clutch kit.

The FX400 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with a custom, extremely durable, Sprung Ceramic disc. This is the ultimate extreme duty street and/or road/drag racing system. It is available in a 6 ceramic puck configuration, with the 6-puck being the more aggressive setup. The sprung hub design allows for moderate dampening in high-torque applications, rendering it much more street-friendly than solid or rigid designs. This disc is designed for outstanding holding capacity and rapid heat dissipation.



  • Does not Include: Flywheel.
  • Disc Center Style: Sprung.
  • Disc Type: 6-Pad.
  • Pressure Plate Style: Heavy Duty.
  • Disc Material: Ceramic.



  • Disc
  • Pressure Plate
  • Throwout Bearing
  • Alignment Tool



  • Subaru 07-09 Legacy GT
  • Subaru 07-09 Outback XT
  • Subaru 07-15 STI


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