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IAG - Subaru 02-14 WRX/04-21 STI/05-09 LGT/OXT/04-13 FXT - Oil Control Baffle & Windage Tray

IAG - Subaru 02-14 WRX/04-21 STI/05-09 LGT/OXT/04-13 FXT - Oil Control Baffle & Windage Tray


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The IAG Oil Control Baffle and Windage Tray System is designed to limit potential blow-by and prevent oil starvation in your Subaru's WRX / STI EJ engine during high rpm and high g-force driving. Through the use of Viton one-way flapper valves on our baffle and louvers in our windage tray, oil is prevented from reentering the upper crankcase area and is directed down into the oil pan to ensure plentiful supply to the oil pickup. IAG's integrated two-piece Oil Control Baffle and Windage Tray System is designed to work with our own oil pickup, as well as other oil pickups*. The baffle fits neatly in the engine crankcase area, allowing normal installation of the OEM oil pan and popular aftermarket pans*.

EJ Oil Control:

  • Comprehensive multi-part design improves oil control and supply

Oil control in a Subaru EJ horizontally opposed engine is critical for normal operation, but especially so when modified for higher performance. Keeping the oil in the oil pan area so that the oil pickup has a constant supply of fresh oil to feed the oil pump is one of the most crucial aspects of a healthy engine. This is where the IAG Oil Control Baffle & Windage Tray System comes in.

Windage Tray:

  • Louver design prevents sloshing

The job of the windage tray is to help direct oil from the upper crankcase down into the lower crankcase and oil pan area. The precision-formed louvers direct oil downwards and help to prevent oil that is draining from the cylinder heads in the lower crankcase area from sloshing upwards into the path of the crankshaft and connecting rods, thus reducing aeration.

Oil Baffle:

  • Integrated one-way valves

^ Shown above - Viton flappers open allowing oil flow under normal operation.

^ Oil flow shown above with Viton flappers closed due to acceleration or cornering forces.

The IAG oil baffle features Viton Rubber oil flaps that are resistant to oil as well as high temperatures. The flaps serve as a "one-way valve" only allowing the oil to flow downwards into the oil pan area and preventing oil from flowing upwards. During Acceleration and cornering forces any oil trying to travel up past the oil baffle causes the flaps to close, keeping the oil where it is needed.

Construction & Fitment:

  • Precise fitment does not require sandwiching between the block and pan
  • Designed to work with the IAG Oil Pickup and some other popular oil pickups* (See fitment/install notes).

The IAG Oil Control Baffle is manufactured from stainless steel with precision clearance around the outside edge of the baffle allowing excess oil that may otherwise pool on top of the baffle plate during cornering to instead flow down into the oil pan area, unlike other baffles that are sandwiched between the oil pan and the engine block.

Because the baffle resides entirely inside of the oil pan there are no additional sealing surfaces and thus no additional areas that can leak oil.

The Baffle and Windage Tray is designed with oil pickup cutouts to work with the IAG Oil Pickup as well as an OEM pickup or other popular commercially available pickups*.

IAG Oil Control Baffle & Windage Tray Includes:

  • (x1) IAG Oil Control Baffle
  • (x1) IAG Windage Tray
  • (x1) M6x10mm Socket Head Screws
  • (x2) M6x16mm Socket Head Screws
  • (x2) M6x10mm Button Head Torx Screws
  • (x2) M4x12mm Button Head Torx Screws

Install Notes

  • Does not work with Moroso oil pans or pickups
  • IAG oil pickup spacer (Part# IAG-ENG-2081SP) is required when using IAG oil pickup with Killer B Oil Pan.



  • Subaru 05-09 Legacy GT
  • Subaru 05-09 Outback XT
  • Subaru 04-13 Forester XT
  • Subaru 02-14 WRX
  • Subaru 04-21 STI
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