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IAG - Subaru 04-06 STI/05-07 LGT/04-05 FXT - Side Feed To Top Feed Fuel Rail Conversion Kit (Black)

IAG - Subaru 04-06 STI/05-07 LGT/04-05 FXT - Side Feed To Top Feed Fuel Rail Conversion Kit (Black)


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The previous generation Subarus that utilize side feed injectors is limited to specific flow sizes as well as a large expense to completely convert the system over to top feed. IAG provides a simple fuel rail solution that lowers the conversion cost to top feed injectors on older STIs, Foresters XT's, and Legacy GT's. The conversion kit allows you to keep your side feed TGV's in place, simply swap in our injector conversion bosses, new conversion rails, hardware, and your choice of top feed injectors*.

The IAG Performance Side Feed to Top Feed Fuel Rail Conversion Kit is designed to increase the power ceiling on your Subaru's fuel system. The factory fuel rails function in a series, which means that each cylinder's fuel is delivered after the other. As horsepower rises past the 350whp mark, the stock rail often does not have the capacity to deliver fuel to the last cylinder effectively.

As a result, that last cylinder can run lean, which can result in catastrophic failure. The IAG billet fuel rails are designed to eliminate this problem. First, our fuel rails operate in parallel format, each cylinder bank receives equal fuel, matching the flow between the rails to ensure that each injector sees the same fuel pressure. Second, the bore of our rail is machined to a 5/8" ID and is designed to accept -8 O-ring boss fittings. This configuration greatly increases the volume of the rail which means that more fuel is available at higher power levels. These fuel rails were real-world tested to 850hp.

The fuel rails are engineered and manufactured at the IAG facility in Westminster, Maryland. The rails are machined from a solid block of 6061 billet aluminum and feature an anodized finish with the IAG laser marked logo on the top.


  • (x2) Billet fuel rails
  • (x4) Side feed to top feed injector conversion bosses
  • (x4) Bolts
  • (x4) Standard Long Phenolic spacers
  • (x4) Injector O-Rings

Tested To Directly Fit:

  • Injector Dynamics 1050x, 1300x, and 1700x. 

More Fitment Info:

  • Not compatible with Injector Dynamics ID2000cc injectors without switching out the billet top hat.
  • *Injector tension springs are available separately when trying to fit older Injector Dynamics (ID1000) fuel injectors. PN# IAG-AFD-2129
  • *If using stock injectors you will require shorter phenolic spacers which are available separately. PN# IAG-RPL-2102SS 
  • This kit does not include fuel lines but they are available separately.


  • The anodized finish varies in color based on the manufacturing process. The color may differ from the product pictures shown.


  • Subaru 04-05 Forester XT
  • Subaru 05-07 Legacy GT
  • Subaru 04-06 STI
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