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Perrin - Subaru 02-07 WRX & 04-07 STI - Pro Electronic Boost Control Solenoid

Perrin - Subaru 02-07 WRX & 04-07 STI - Pro Electronic Boost Control Solenoid


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The PERRIN Electronic Boost Control Solenoid (EBCS) Pro is designed to control today's high performance turbochargers with its ultra-fast response and bomb-proof design.


The custom made solenoid coil and valve are made specific to PERRIN specs. This allows the valve to operate almost two times faster and flow almost 50% more than competitors' designs. The EBCS Pro also works with OEM ECU calibrations and reduces overboost conditions that commonly occur, all without causing Check Engine Lights.

NOTE: To fully utilize the EBCS Pro, an ECU recalibration is required.


Our OEM male connector is specific to all Subaru applications. As for 2015-2018 WRX models, the PERRIN male OEM connector is specific to the 2015-2018 WRX (FA20 DIT). This ensures a properly sealed and solid connection between the EBCS Pro and the ECU. Unlike competitors' products that require additional parts and labor, our unique design saves time and makes for a cleaner and simpler install.

The main valve body of the EBCS Pro is made of corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated brass with proper seals to withstand the temperatures and oils seen in a boost control system. Other features unique to the PERRIN EBCS Pro:
  • Short piston stroke
  • Balanced piston, immune to different boost levels
  • Very few parts
  • Solenoid isolated from contaminated air
  • Extremely long life
  • Operates in vacuum up to 120 psi


High quality nickel plated brass fittings resist corrosion and will not break. For race professionals the EBCS Pro will also accept AN fittings for the best connection possible.


Every EBCS Pro comes with the proper amount of vacuum hose and the proper fittings and mounting plates for your specific year, make, and model Subaru, making for a quick and easy installation process.


Proper ECU Tuning is required for the safe operation of the engine with this product. Engine performance and fuel economy will also suffer without tuning. Check all local, state, and federal laws prior to purchase and installation.


  • (1) PERRIN EBCS Pro assembly
    (1) 5/32" ID Vacuum hose
    (1) Bracket for washer bottle
    (1) 5/16" Nickel barb 1/8NPT, straight
    (2) 5/32" Nickel barb 1/8NPT, straight
    (1) M5 Short arm hex key
    (1) M8 x 10 Button head SS screw
    (1) M8 Flat washer SS
    (1) M6 x 25 Button head socket cap screw SS
    (1) M6 x 18 Fender washer SS
    (1) M4 Short arm hex key
    (10) Zip ties
    Warranty & Instructions


  • 2002-2007 Subaru WRX
  • 2004-2007 Subaru STI
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