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Recaro - Classic LS Racing Seat - Black with Leather/Pepita Fabric

Recaro - Classic LS Racing Seat - Black with Leather/Pepita Fabric


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If you enjoy the thrill of ripping round sharp corners more than most, you need exceptional lateral support.

In which case, the RECARO Classic LS is made for you. Its impressive sporty side bolsters in the backrest give you the safe support you need for driving around corners at speed. The padded lumbar support and adjustable seat depth help to relieve strain on the driver's muscles, enhancing its sporty feel.

Ergonomics and Comfort.

RECARO upholstery is designed in accordance with the latest scientific research into relieving muscular stress. That's why RECARO seats aren't too soft; instead, they provide the body with a fine-tuned firmness that won't tire the driver during long drives.

"I don't need a sofa in my car – I need a seat that is comfortable enough for long drives but still gives me excellent feedback from the car" - says Walter Röhrl.

RECARO has further enhanced climate comfort by using effective material, structured cover fabric, and a thick woolen fleece layer that absorbs moisture. Their super-breathable fabrics and base upholstery help to "air condition" your body.


  • The sporty side bolsters in the backrest.
  • Padded lumbar support.
  • The backrest can be folded far forwards for easy access to the back seats.
  • Individual seat depth adjustment (480 to 530 mm).
  • Seat rib upholstery for optimal body fit.
  • Fully upholstered headrests as standard.
  • Backrest adjustment and front folding mechanism on both sides of the seat


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