BRAND: Tomei

Tomei - Subaru 04-21 STI/05-09 LGT - CAMSHAFT SET PROCAM EJ25 DUAL AVCS


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Camshafts are the most critical part of your engine’s performance. Camshafts use a combination of separation angles, lift, duration, and lobe acceleration/ramp rates to create what is called a cam profile. The profile you choose determines where your maximum horsepower and torque will occur. Choosing the right profile is critical. To get the best performance for your application, the camshaft profile must match your head and valve train components.


  • DURATION: 272
  • LIFT 10.80 mm


  • Subaru 05-09 Legacy GT
  • Subaru 04-18 Forester XT
  • Subaru 04-21 STI