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Tomei Cylinder Head Stroker Kit - Fits Subaru 06-14 WRX / 04-21 STI / 05-12 LGT / 08-14 FXT

Tomei Cylinder Head Stroker Kit - Fits Subaru 06-14 WRX / 04-21 STI / 05-12 LGT / 08-14 FXT


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This kit features a fully forged crankshaft that has been specially fitted with fully forged stroker rods and pistons to increase the power and displacement of your engine.

Although the mathematics can be a lot to digest in terms of describing an engine stroker kit, generally, a stroker kit involves a crankshaft, connecting rods with an increase in stroke, and pistons that may have an increase in bore. So an increase in both bore and stroke to improve the torque to produce more power with a higher RPM volume. 



  • More torque throughout the entire RPM band
  • More low-end torque if employing a larger turbocharger on an otherwise factory displacement engine
  • Faster response with a conventional or mid-framed sized turbocharger
  • More upper-RPM range and higher-revving due to increased bore and displacement
  • Increased piston speed 
  • Maximizes the efficiency of your valves with increased volumetric efficiency and more surface area at higher RPM
  • Improves the overall combustion efficiency and volume
  • Allows for less surface area available to reject heat in the combustion area
  • Improved combustion burn duration by burning the air/fuel mixture faster improves the efficiency



  • Fully forged CP pistons
  • Fully forged connecting rods
  • Fully forged crankshaft 



  • Professional installation required
  • Professional machining of your engine block required
  • Professional assembly required

*EJ25 2.6 CP Pistons




  • Subaru 05-12 Legacy GT
  • Subaru 08-14 Forester XT
  • Subaru 06-14 WRX
  • Subaru 04-21 STI
  • Subaru 05-09 Outback XT


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