BRAND: Tomei

Tomei - Subaru 15-21 WRX - Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold Kit

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Every flaw of the OEM header has been addressed and improvised during the development of the Tomei header, resulting in power gains you can feel throughout the powerband of the car.


The OEM headers restrict airflow resulting in loss of power and efficiency.
Tomei headers do not restrict airflow resulting in an increase in power and efficiency.

Unlike the OEM headers, Tomei headers do not restrict airflow right after the engine port.

The collector on the Tomei headers was made using the lost wax method. The lost wax method allows the collector pipes to merge smoothly, therefore eliminating any restrictions on the header.


The OEM header's turbo side port is severely restricted by its 33mm port on the header.

The sliding adjuster on the Tomei header allows users running thicker head gaskets to appropriately extend the header to accommodate for the thicker head gasket.


The flange on the Tomei headers is highly rigid, lightweight, and has a stepless flange.



  • Subaru 15-21 WRX