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Tomioka Racing

Tomioka Racing - Subaru 02-04 WRX / 04-14 STi - 2 Bolt Up Pipe

Tomioka Racing - Subaru 02-04 WRX / 04-14 STi - 2 Bolt Up Pipe

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The Tomioka Racing Uppipe is constructed of the highest quality SUS304 stainless steel tubing polished to a mirror-like finish and includes a threaded Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) bung for stock sensors.

Featuring a 2-Bolt to 3/5-Bolt configuration makes for ease in installation and proper fitment. Construction of the uppipe is made specifically for those that are looking to upgrade their turbo systems, capable of withstanding high exhaust gas temperatures created by aftermarket systems.

Precise stainless steel construction eliminates the need for flex joint sections and ensures that the uppipe will fit correctly. Quality welding assures that there will be endless reliability with horsepower increases.

Each flange is seamlessly welded to the piping, making for a completely flush and smooth transition between the lower manifold, uppipe, and turbocharger, leaving no gaps for exhaust flow to become trapped.

Consisting of one of the largest internal piping diameters on the market, the Tomioka Racing Uppipe provides excellent mid-range to high-end horsepower, thanks to the improved exhaust flow. From the uppipe to the turbo, the 2-bolt system carries a 2" diameter while from the uppipe to the manifold it carries a 2.3" diameter.


  • Installation hardware
  • Tomioka Racing 2-Bolt Uppipe.


  • Subaru 02-04 WRX includes a stock EGT Sensor.
  • Subaru 04-14 WRX does not include EGT Sensor(bung bypassed with threaded cap).
  • Subaru 04-14 STi does not include EGT Sensor (bung bypassed with threaded cap).
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