Project: Black Widow. Building a 200mph Monster Subaru

Project: Black Widow. Building a 200mph Monster Subaru

Originally a customer modified race car, this 2005 Subaru WRX was built with one goal in mind: To become the world’s fastest standing half-mile Subaru WRX. We achieved that goal back in 2016 with a run of 183mph and have since surpassed it many times over. Our current record is 203mph achieved at ShiftS3ctor ”Motovicity Neverlift” 2019 at Coalinga Municipal Airport. This feat was achieved while missing 4th and 5th gear inside the transmission after an earlier gearbox failure. Since then this race car has been used for various R&D purposes, auto racing, as well as a quarter mile drag car. Current best quarter mile: 8.75 @ 170mph current all wheel horsepower 1200hp.

This project is ever evolving as we push the envelope on the Subaru platform. That being said, here is a basic list of what it takes in Subaru aftermarket parts to build a car of this caliber to become the fastest Subaru. Add about a thousand hours of labor and testing and you too can have a 200mph Subaru!

Chassis & Body:

  • 2005 Subaru WRX stock unmodified unibody
  • Custom roll cage built by RPM rollbars
  • Beatrush rear diff mount brace
  • Beatrush 5pc superlight front subframe brace
  • Tomioka Racing Race Engine & Transmission mount kit
  • Seibon Carbon front fenders
  • Seibon Carbon Hood
  • Seibon Carbon Trunk Lid
  • Tillet Carbon Drivers Seat
  • Racequip 5pt harnesses
  • Sparco Steering Wheel
  • Stroud Parachute
  • Custom Aero package including flatbottom, wing and diffuser by PREracing
  • Steel Braided Brake lines, custom non ABS
  • Enkei RPF1 wheels 17x8
  • Tires vary depending on event
    • Mickey Thompson ET Street R Drag Radials for drag racing
    • Nitto NT555R for roll racing and half mile events

Suspension & Brakes:

  • JIC Magic coilovers re-valved for custom rate Swift springs - Discontinued
  • Whiteline adjustable rear lower control arms
  • Whiteline roll center adjustment kit
  • Whiteline polyurethane bushings throughout
  • Wilwood “drag” brake kit front and rear
  • Nameless hydraulic staging brake


  • Kapps Sequential 6sp Transmission w/ DCCD
  • Cusco 1.5 way STI R180 Rear differential
  • Cusco 1 way front differential
  • Driveshaft Shop DSS level 5 rear axles
  • Driveshaft Shop DSS level 3 front axles
  • Driveshaft Shop Aluminum Driveline
  • IAG billet transfer gears
  • OS Giken triple disc clutch assembly


  • Haltech Elite 2500 EMS
  • Custom Wiring Harness by PREracing
  • Custom Sensor Pack
    • AEM 7bar Map Sensor (map & emap)
    • AEM 10bar Fuel Pressure Sensor
    • AEM 5bar Oil Pressure Sensor x2 (RH & LH case half)
    • AEM GM Air Temp Sensor
    • AEM GM Water Temp Sensor
    • AEM Coolant Pressure Sensor
    • AEM Crankcase Pressure Sensor
    • Honeywell Garrett Turbo Speed Sensor
    • Haltech EGT X4
    • Haltech CAN Lambda
    • Haltech can hub
    • Kapps Gear Position Sensor
    • Kapps Shift Strain Gauge
    • Haltech GPS Speedo Module
    • OEM Knock sensor and speedo sensor as well as clutch and brake switches.
  • Haltech Racepack Logger Dash
  • DCCD Pro Center Differential Controller
  • Kapps LED Gear Position Indicator
  • PREracing custom 16v full loss electrical system


  • PREracing Prodrag constant prototype block. Currently 2.3L Destroker
  • Custom sleeved semi closed-deck factory cast aluminum block
  • Custom Pinned Mains
  • Manley Turbo Tough Pistons
  • Prototype Callies +4mm longrods
  • Callies billet crankshaft
  • IAG ARP 1/2in head studs
  • ARP case bolts
  • OEM Subaru Headgaskets
  • Custom o-ring cylinder heads
  • Gates Racing Timing belt
  • OEM Subaru Timing Tensioner
  • LIC Adjustable timing idlers (part superseded to IAG adjustable idlers)
  • Tomioka Racing Timing belt guide
  • JDM STI “big port” cylinder heads custom ported by Aluminum Head Rebuilders in Portland, Oregon
  • GSC S3 Billet Camshafts
  • Brian Crower Adjustable Cam Gears
  • ATI crank damper w/ provisions for dry sump and fuel pump belts
  • AVCS Locked Out
  • GSC Stainless Intake Valves
  • GSC Inconel Exhaust Valves
  • GSC 50psi + valve springs
  • GSC titanium retainers
  • ARE Subaru Dry Sump Kit, tank, pump, and EJ pan
  • Process West modified Intake Manifold, reverse mount cable throttle
  • IAG billet lower intake manifold housings
  • PREracing phenolic intake manifold spacers
  • Boomba Throttle Body

Fuel System and cooling system:

  • FIC 2150 Fuel Injectors x8 (primary and secondary rails)
  • Radium Fuel Rails 2 sets (primary and secondary)
  • Aeromotive Mechanical Fuel pump
  • Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Custom Engine Bay fuel tank.
  • Koyo half radiator no thermostat
  • Spall radiator fan
  • PREracing custom fabricated coolant overflow
  • PREracing custom fabricated oil catch can
  • Redhorse Performance AN Fittings and Lines all around
  • Radium Performance fuel filters x2 (pre/post pump)
  • All lines and hoses custom fabricated by PREracing

Turbo Kit:

  • ETS Rotated big power turbo kit
  • Precision PTE7675gen2 turbocharger
  • PREracing custom fabricated hood exit exhaust
  • PReracing custom fabricated ram air intake
  • Turbosmart Hypergate 45 wastegate actuator
  • Turbosmart Raceport BOV
  • Grimmspeed 3port EBCS
  • ETS 5” Intercooler
  • PREracing custom fabricated intercooler piping
  • Vibrant performance intercooler clamps
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