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2023 Subaru VB WRX - First look

2023 Subaru VB WRX - First look

Embarking on the exploration of the 2023 Subaru WRX and its FA24 turbo platform, we opted for the base trim, prioritizing minimalistic features for reduced weight. Our initiation involved strapping the vehicle to the DynoJet 424xLC Linx dynamometer, revealing a stock baseline of 263.89whp and 258.98 ft-lb torque. An intriguing revelation unfolded: the WRX operates on "open loop" fueling during wide-open throttle, relying on a meticulously calibrated mass airflow meter in the stock airbox. This means modifications influencing airflow are seamlessly accommodated, a crucial insight for future enhancements.Despite the initial absence of custom tuning support from Cobb, we took a bold step, introducing modifications like the Extreme Turbo Systems catback exhaust and top-mount intercooler. The results were impressive, boosting power to 268.51whp and 265.52tq. What's fascinating is the consistent power gains below 4000rpm, courtesy of the adept boost control system. Even with cosmetic upgrades like Enkei wheels and Falken tires, which subtly affected dyno measurements, the overall performance witnessed a notable ascent. Stay tuned for the visual journey through dyno graphs, showcasing the stock baseline and the transformative impact of our strategic modifications!

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Project: Black Widow. Building a 200mph Monster Subaru

Project: Black Widow. Building a 200mph Monster Subaru

Introducing our 2005 Subaru WRX—a once-customer-modified race car transformed into the world's fastest standing half-mile Subaru WRX. Surpassing our 2016 record of 183mph, we achieved a groundbreaking 203mph at ShiftS3ctor ”Motovicity Neverlift” 2019, even with a missing 4th and 5th gear. Currently, this beast boasts a quarter-mile time of 8.75 seconds at 170mph and a jaw-dropping 1200hp.Built with precision and passion, this project showcases the epitome of Subaru aftermarket parts and over a thousand hours of labor and testing. From the custom roll cage to the potent turbo kit, every detail contributes to the car's unmatched performance. Stay tuned as we continue pushing the limits of the Subaru platform, exploring new frontiers in speed and innovation. Ready to unleash the power of a 200mph Subaru? Dive into the thrilling journey of this record-breaking race car.

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Introducing the 2015 Subaru WRX—an exhilarating ride that prompted us to push its limits through rigorous testing. In its stock form, the WRX showcased its prowess, delivering 197.7 whp and 228 ft-lb tq. A closer look revealed an erratic boost curve, hinting at untapped potential. Enter the COBB Stage 1 tune, transforming the driving experience with 223.0 whp and 249 ft-lb. Yet, we couldn't resist fine-tuning it further. The PREracing Custom Stage 1 Tune pushed the boundaries, extracting an additional 7.6 whp and 257 ft-lb, enhancing torque delivery and overall performance. Eager to unleash these modifications on the racetrack, we embarked on back-to-back comparisons. The results were clear—the COBB Stage 1 tune boosted performance, but the PREracing Custom Tune stole the spotlight, clocking the fastest elapsed time and highest MPH of the day. However, challenges surfaced, indicating the need for better fuel quality and addressing high back pressure. Stay tuned for our upcoming tests, where we explore the gains of transitioning to ethanol-based fuels, unlocking the WRX's true potential.

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Subaur 2005 WRX with a custom tune producing over 700+ WHP.

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In 2006, Project Heavy Weapon was born, evolving through numerous versions, each a testament to the relentless pursuit of power. In its initial iteration, armed with an AGP 50trim kit, AEM EMS, and RC750 injectors, it stormed the tracks, reaching 415whp on 92 pumps and 470 on vp110. However, an unexpected encounter with a Perrin EBCS malfunction unleashed "ALL THE BOOST," resulting in a memorable mishap at Woodburn dragstrip.Heavy Weapon's transformation continued with Version 2.0, featuring a DCR Option B short block, Level10 performance automatic transmission, and a Precision PTE6266 turbo. Despite reaching nearly 500whp, transmission issues plagued its potential, leading to a rebuild. Version 2.1 saw significant upgrades to the head, including DCR Springs, Retainers, Keepers, BC oversize valves, and custom Crower cams, setting the stage for a head-to-head battle at Import Face-Off. Version 3.0 marked a transition to a stock 2005 manual trans, and Clutchmasters Race Twin, revealing its horsepower prowess on the dyno. Aero enhancements proved pivotal, boosting speed by 9 mph. Version 3.1 raised the bar further, showcasing an extensive list of modifications, from a DCR 2.4L short block to a custom Twin Scroll T4 sidemount manifold and a Precision PTE6266CEA Turbocharger. With a formidable arsenal, Heavy Weapon continues to redefine speed and power, leaving an indelible mark on the racing scene.

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The 2015 Subaru WRX underwent an impressive E85 ethanol conversion, embracing the unique properties of this 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline blend. Contrary to expectations, the switch exhibited only an 18.3% decrease in fuel economy, attributed to the engine's efficiency at lower RPMs. E85's benefits, including knock resistance and cooling effects, made a strong case for adoption, despite the limited bio-fuel infrastructure.In the realm of horsepower, E85 showcased its prowess, delivering a peak gain of 43.5 horsepower and 25 ft-lb of torque. The vehicle's quarter-mile time significantly improved, revealing newfound agility and acceleration. Challenges emerged with rigorous launches at the dragstrip, exposing weaknesses in the rear end, leading to differential failures. Despite setbacks, the WRX's performance in roll racing hinted at the untapped potential of this direct-injected, ethanol-powered beast.

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We had the pleasure of unboxing the new Ford Focus RS COBB Accessport V3 today.

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.Embarking on a turbo odyssey, our mission was to decipher the ultimate power player for a robust 450whp and 450wtq. The battleground: a 2005 Legacy GT with a formidable mod list. Rigorous testing unfolded, featuring nine stock location turbos under identical conditions. Each turbo, armed with a Turbosmart 45mm external wastegate, underwent the scrutiny of a meticulous regimen. Dominator turbos shone brightly, with the Blouch Dominator 2.5XTR stealing the limelight at 426WHP, offering potent performance across low and high boost.However, surprises awaited, as the Steam Speed STX67+ (TD06) emerged as an underdog, matching the Dominator 1.5XTR 8cm in spool yet falling short in power per pound of boost. The Tomei M8265 showcased its reliability, holding its own in power delivery on pump gas boost levels. But the true champion emerged in the Blouch 1.5XTR 10CM, delivering an unparalleled blend of spool and top-end power, conquering the dyno with a staggering 472.8WHP at 25PSI. With these revelations, our turbo exploration aims to guide enthusiasts toward informed decisions, ensuring every dollar spent echoes in the roaring symphony of over 400 horses!

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Great weekend at the McMinnville municipal airport here in Oregon! We lost 4th gear on day one, but turned it up and shifted over the hump into 5th. Still went 177.8 mph in the standing half mile! This engine is over a year old and still keeps taking what we throw at it. Pass after pass after pass. Built and tuned by PREracing. Precision Turbo & Engine 

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Put your taxes towards something that YOU want. the 2015 tax time stage 2 packages sale!

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PREracing proudly announces its induction as an EcuTek Master Tuner, a gateway to unleashing the full potential of ProECU tuning kits. This milestone empowers us to offer and tailor ProECU kits, facilitating remote tuning services worldwide. EcuTek's arsenal of features includes flex fuel support, enabling dynamic adjustments for oil pressure, temperature, coolant, air/fuel ratio, and more through the custom maps feature. Traction control and closed-loop boost control are at your fingertips, unlocking a realm of possibilities.Map switching without a handheld device, executed seamlessly through the cruise control switch, defines EcuTek's user-friendly interface. Swift and efficient, EcuTek accelerates the read and modification of ECUs in as little as 30 seconds, a boon for cost-conscious enthusiasts mindful of dyno expenses. The comprehensive support spans Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan vehicles, encompassing over 1900 models. Joining the EcuTek league not only broadens our tuning horizon but also streamlines the tuning process, eliminating soldering hassles and ensuring a cleaner, quicker, and more reliable tuning experience.

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Subaru friends! Come hang out at the shop for another family-friendly gathering with great food, nice cars, and awesome people!

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Special Promotions for the new 2015 year!

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