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DBA - 4000XS Series Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rear Brake Rotor - Subaru BRZ 13-17 / LEG 10-13

DBA - 4000XS Series Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rear Brake Rotor - Subaru BRZ 13-17 / LEG 10-13


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4000 Series disc brake rotors are a direct replacement single-piece brake rotor, designed for drivers seeking upgraded performance braking above and beyond standard OE levels.

Cast from high-carbon alloyed iron and undergoing Thermal Stability Profiling, DBA’s metallurgy can handle the increased stress and heat generated under intense braking applications, time and time again.

Featuring DBA’s Kangaroo Paw ventilation that implements a series of 144 diamond and teardrop patterned pillars, DBA achieves up to a 30 increase in surface area and 20 improvements in cooling efficiency (as compared to a traditional straight vane design).


  • 4000XS Series non-directional disc brake rotors are sold individually (it is recommended to replace as a left-right pair)
  • Designed to offer a level of street performance braking that's between Street Series XGold rotors and 5000XS
  • 3 paint marks on rotor edges change color visibly to reflect that brake rotors have reached different levels of operating temperatures
  • Rotors are crafted from iron with high carbon content which achieves reduced vibration and squealing noise
  • Rotors are treated with a patented Thermal Stability Process to reduce metal stress which weakens iron over many heating and cooling cycles
  • Provides strong levels of stopping power, heat reduction, and fade-resistance under aggressive street driving conditions
  • 1-piece rotors are designed in the precise size and shape of factory OEM parts for easy bolt-on replacement and proper operation
  • 4000XS rotors are excellent for passenger cars and 4x4s equipped with larger, heavier wheels that put higher demands on brakes
  • "Kangaroo Paw" design features 144 spaced pillars between the inner and outer faces of each rotor that provide faster cooling and greater strength than traditional slotted cooling fins
  • Lower rotor temperatures greatly reduce rotor warpage and boiling brake fluid which causes pedal fade
  • The Break-in bedding period for new rotors will take approximately 186 miles / 300 kilometers
  • Manufacturer warranties rotors for 12 months or 12,000 miles



  • Driving Style: Performance / Racing
  • Rotor Design: Rotors Only
  • Rotor Construction: 1-Piece
  • Rotor Style: Drilled & Slotted
  • Rotor Material: XG150® High Carbon Alloyed Iron
  • Rotor Hat Finish: Gold
  • Rotor Type: Vented
  • Rotor Diameter: 289.8mm (11.41")
  • Rotor Height: 63.5mm (2.5")
  • Nominal Thickness: 18mm (0.71")
  • Minimum Thickness: 16mm (0.63")
  • Lug Holes Quantity: 10
  • Bolt Circle: 100mm (3.94")/114.3mm (4.5")
  • Center Hole Diameter: 58mm (2.28")
  • Quantity: 1 Per Pack



  • Subaru BRZ 2013-2017
  • Subaru Legacy 2010-2013


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