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Exedy OEM Clutch Kit - Fits Subaru 04-21 STI

Exedy OEM Clutch Kit - Fits Subaru 04-21 STI


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OEM Clutch Kit (FJK1000) by EXEDY. Pull Clutch. Does not Include: Flywheel. Disc Outer Diameter: 9 1/2" (240mm). Input Shaft Spline: 1" x 24 Teeth. Clamp Load: 3597 lbs. Replace your failing OEM clutch with a new, OEM-quality EXEDY clutch assembly.


  • Manufactured on the same production line as original equipment clutch components
  • Meets or exceeds OEM standards
  • Noise and Vibration Reduction technology for a quieter, smoother ride
  • Application-specific Pre-damper mechanism reduces gear noise at idle
  • Wide-angle damper enables clutch to hold more torque with less force
  • Super low-wear diaphragm spring
  • High-frequency induction heat treated fingers
  • Optimal pedal feel
  • Application-specific disc dampers to suppress engine and driveline noise

Don't put up with a slipping, noisy clutch. Replace it with an EXEDY pressure plate and friction disc assembly and restore your clutch to factory-new operation. Because EXEDY manufactures millions of clutch components that are installed in new cars, they may very well have made the clutch that's given you excellent service until now. As an OEM supplier, EXEDY can tailor your replacement clutch to duplicate the performance of your original clutch, from the pedal feel to the long, carefree lifetime. By tailoring the pre-damping springs in the disc properly, EXEDY can remove the gear rattle at idle. Proper selection of friction material, damper springs, and diaphragm spring characteristics will ensure you have smooth, quiet, chatter-free takeup and a light clutch pedal feel.

EXEDY is a global leader in the clutch business, with hundreds of applications, many of them still bearing their original Daikin logo. Well-respected, and with a huge share of the OEM clutch industry, EXEDY has become a leader in the motorsports field, pioneering new technologies like puller clutch springs and carbon-fiber friction material. With roots going back to 1923, EXEDY manufactures globally, but has a major presence in the US, with several domestic facilities manufacturing clutch components for applications here and for export.

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