Cobb Subaru 04-21 STI - 6MT Stage 2 Drivetrain Package - Stealth Black Lockout

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The Stage 2 Drivetrain Package includes the Cobb Tuning Subaru Rear Shifter Bushing, Subaru 6-Speed Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter, Subaru 6-Speed Front Shifter Bushing, and the Subaru Reverse Lockout Pull STI.

Designed using CAD technology, the COBB Blue anodized billet shifter body is CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum. Like our original design, the shift throw distance and shift knob height are independently adjustable and both can easily be adjusted with the shifter installed in the vehicle. Steel socket head screws are set in a counterbore for a flush mount and provide clamping force to firmly hold the upper and lower slider shafts in place.

This design allows easy independent adjustment of shift knob height and shifter throw length while being strong enough to stand up to rowing through the gears with extreme enthusiasm. Compatible with the factory shift knob or any aftermarket knobs designed to replace the factory unit. -Knob Height - 1" higher to 1" lower -Throw - 10% longer to 25% shorter after cutting the trim ring.

Subaru 6-Speed Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter

  • 6061 Aluminum Body
  • Anodized Black
  • Knob Height - 1" higher to 1" lower
  • Throw - 10% longer to 25% shorter after cutting trim ring
  • Compatible with Factory or Aftermarket Shift Knobs

If you've owned an STI for an extended period of time, you may have noticed that the factory reverse lockout pull has developed a slight rattle. This is more commonly seen on vehicles that have seen higher mileage or more aggressive driving.

The COBB Reverse Lockout Pull replaces the factory, rattle-prone, plastic pieces with machined billet aluminum and Delrin. Two choices of anodizing and Delrin ensure a match to the 6-Speed COBB Knob. Dual internal o-rings ensure a smooth, rattle-free, operation. The integrated Delrin collar keeps heat in check for cars that are exposed to the sun for extended periods.

Subaru Reverse Lockout Pull STI

  • Anodized 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Delrin Handle
  • Dual O-Rings Prevent Rattle
  • Compatible With OEM and COBB Shifters